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The Patient Source USA Mission

We exist to bring patients to dentists.

That’s it. No extra complications or fancy buzzwords. Patients want to be seen as fast as possible, and dentists want to fill the extra chairs in their offices. When you can match these two needs with each other, everybody wins. And as a team of dental marketing experts with years of experience in our field, there’s no one more qualified to take on this mission than us.

What We Do For Dentists

We have three key ideas that guide everything we do for dentists: Connect With Patients, Grow Your Practice, and Only Pay For What Works. Read all about these goals below, then click here to become a Patient Source USA featured partner.

Connect With Patients

Connect With Patients patient source

More than 80 percent of all patients who visit an emergency dentist begin their search with a phone call. That’s why Patient Source USA operates a helpline that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – one which receives over 10,000 callers nationwide who are all looking for a local dental practice they can trust.

But connecting with patients is about more than just getting nearby strangers to come into your office. Our helpline is staffed with highly trained referral specialists who will pre-qualify each patient based on their insurance, income, and required service. Once we’re sure that a patient is a great fit for your practice, we use real-time calendar availability to book appointments in one of your daily available time slots.

From here we can either transfer the live call directly to your receptionist during office hours, or send an instant text/E-mail notification to let you know when your new appointment is booked.

Grow Your Practice

When you become a featured partner of Patient Source USA, we’ll generate a minimum of 10 more patients for your practice each month, with an average revenue of $1000+ per patient. We do this by creating Internet listings for your business, featuring you in a profile on our high-profile website, and making sure you’re a high-ranking result on Google for your area. Check our credentials below – our expert marketing team knows what we’re doing and can provide real results.

Only Pay For What Works

Only Pay For What Works patient sourceWe know we can help you find more paying customers – but there’s no need to take our word for it. Remember our mission: we exist to bring patients to dentists, not to charge you for every scheduled appointment. You only pay a one-time fixed fee after the patient shows up and becomes a new patient at your practice.

That means you can start your trial of Patient Source USA today – and if we don’t generate results, you won’t pay a thing. But have your checkbook ready, because in 10 years, that hasn’t happened once.

Our Dental Marketing Team

Our core team is a group of experts in dental marketing and sales with years of experience in their respective fields. This is expertise you can trust to get serious results.

Mike Plambeck – Owner

Mike Plambeck has spent a decade connecting patients to dentists through Patient Source USA and its sister sites. As a marketer and entrepreneur who has spent decades working in content marketing and web development, Mike knew that he could provide a valuable service that would benefit patients and dentists alike – relieving pain for the former while growing the practice of the latter.

Mike’s managerial experience, marketing expertise, and passion for helping people is what has kept Patient Source USA going strong for ten years – and it’s what’ll keep us going strong for ten more.

R.J. Adolfi – Director of Development

R.J. Adolfi patients source

R.J. Adolfi is the founder and managing director of DentalSense and the former CEO of the legendary Aspen Dental. He’s known throughout the country as the “guru” of new multi-unit dental super-practices. At Aspen, R.J. managed on-site dental labs, processed insurance claims, handled accounts payable and receivable, built out new offices, managed multiple locations, and directly assisted the dentists.

In short, there’s no one on Earth who has a better understanding of how to grow an ordinary dental practice to something much greater. As a master of startup processes, he grew his family’s practice into the famous Aspen brand, which he managed for ten years. And now, he’s using that knowledge to help us do the same thing for you.

Andrei Makarik – Web Developer

Andrei Makarik is our top web developer – the man who manages the website you see before you, along with our sister sites. With a wealth of technical knowledge and a love for creating great user experiences, Andrei is going to get the names, faces, and addresses of our featured partners in front of our tens of thousands of patient users – and he’s going to make sure they’re interested in what you have to say.

Justin Ford – Content Manager

Justin Ford is an experienced manager who oversees web content, growth initiatives, and the daily operations of the Patient Source USA dental marketing team. As an expert in branding and SEO techniques, Justin is the man who’s going to get your business listings to the top of the Google results in your area, so that when patients search for a “dentist near me” your address will be the first to pop up.

Jamie Brown – Customer Service

There’s no other way to put it: Jamie Brown is a customer service wizard. It’s not just that she’s an expert in helping customers through crises – though that’s certainly the case, and she’ll be your go-to source for any comments or questions you have about becoming a featured partner or growing your practice through our expertise. She’s also spent years in the specific field of connecting dental patients to dental practitioners, making her uniquely qualified to tackle the Patient Source USA mission.

Isaac Coleman and Luis Toro – Digital Marketing

Isaac is a five-year expert in Search Engine Optimization, brand management, and a bunch of other words that mean “helping people find you on the Internet,” with an additional 2 years spent doing marketing for dental practices. Luis is a content writer with nearly twice as much experience in the same fields and a special knack for writing copy that pops off the page.

Together, these two form our digital marketing team. They’ll write your bio and your business listings and make sure it’s getting to as many people as possible, all while bringing to bear a specific knowledge of the unique problems faced by the modern dentist.

Marisol Ramos – Graphic Designer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, does that mean we should be paying Marisol a thousand times as much as Isaac and Luis? We’ll leave the philosophy to the professionals, but in the meantime we’re just thankful that Marisol is creating great work every single day as she uses her 10 years of design expertise to create gorgeous page designs for us and our featured partners.