We help place emergency dental patients with local practices nationwide.

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Patients contact us through our various emergency focused digital platforms and we pre qualify them by checking their payment ability and insurance and then connect them to a local dentist who can help serve them within 24 hours.

We also offer immediate approval financing to patients who may lack the funds to pay for their appointment.

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We partner with patients to help them find local dentists in their area. The majority of our patients are looking for urgent dental services, and we strive to help patients find a dentist who can treat them within 24 hours.


We focus on getting qualified patient referrals into your dentist office. You only pay when the patient actually shows up for the appointment. We are experts in patient referrals with over 10 years of experience.


We offer immediate approval financing for patients through our medical credit partners. This increases patient access to dentistry and results in more successful patient referral appointments.


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We Receive Over 10,000 Patient Calls Each Month
At Patient Source USA we receive over 10,000 patient callers each month. We qualify each patient before sending to our dental partners and your office will only pay for a referral when the patient actually shows up. Our focus is on your Return on Investment, we believe that we should only earn money when your office earns money.

Return on Investment

Our model means you only pay when a patient shows up for their appointment. Your cost will be much lower than the patients value to your practice.

Qualified Patients

We qualify our patient referrals before they visit your office so they show up with the proper insurance or ability to pay.